What is Health Psychology?

Health psychology is about understanding how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours can effect us in both positive and negative ways, mentally and physically. If painful emotions, depression, anxiety, stress or physical pain are getting in the way of wellbeing, a health psychologist can be a gentle guide towards positive life changes.

How might it help me?

We take a holistic view of your mental and physical health. This means we don't just look at  what’s going on physically and emotionally, but also at what your relationships are like, how much support you have, and how you typically take care of yourself. Specialising in mindfulness and compassion-based therapies, Dr Anna Friis and colleagues treat:

- anxiety and related disorders
- depression and low mood
- stress and related problems
- emotional problems associated with diabetes and other chronic health conditions

What will it involve?

As well as understanding the presenting issues and your goals for therapy, a first session will include gathering information about your mood, health issues, relationships and lifestyle. We'll then work together to agree a treatment plan going forward, with outcomes that can be agreed and measured.

'Working with you has changed the most important relationship in my life .. the relationship with myself. For that, I am truly grateful.' Vanessa

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Make an appointment directly or ask your GP to send through a referral letter and we will be in touch. ONLINE SESSIONS NOW AVAILABLE

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